NASCAR Eclipses 1,000,000 Miles on Electronic Fuel Injection

Last season, NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series transitioned to electronic fuel injection for the first time in the sport's history. Many Jalops scoffed, “Welcome to 1990 NASCAR!” For NASCAR, it wasn’t about a lack of technology or engineering in the sport to make this transition earlier, but more about keeping technology… »10/16/13 11:16am10/16/13 11:16am


What the Hell is a NASCAR Multi-Zone Tread Tire?

The “multi-zone tread” tire will make a return to the race track after setting records at Atlanta Motor Speedway. The multi-zone tread technology that can be found on passenger cars will guide one driver to Victory Lane during Sunday’s Hollywood Casino 400, the fourth race in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup (2… »10/04/13 12:58pm10/04/13 12:58pm

Valentino Rossi Was Faster Than Half The NASCAR Field In First Test

A while ago there was a persistent rumor that MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi would switch to Formula One with Ferrari. That never came to fruition, but he still dabbles in cars every once-in-a-while. He dabbled again yesterday when he drove a stock car at Charlotte Motor Speedway. And he was really fast. »4/23/13 4:12pm4/23/13 4:12pm